When you transfer or establish your website hosting with us at Ours.com, you can do so with confidence. We have been in the Web Hosting business for over 9 years, and we know what your business needs.

Just contact us with your need, whether it is a website design, domain name issue, Logo or identity design, email related or any other Internet related matter, we will be able to help you.

August 23, 2004
Now we can use any domain registrar for registering your domain. Our preferred registrar is Network Solutions, or Register.com
September 7, 2004
We will offer template websites that you can choose from. The templates (non-exclusive) will cost $300-$400, and the customization will cost another $400-$500. So for less than $1000 you will have a professionally designed website (Similar to this Ours.com Website).
Mr. Vicken Madenian
(Mind 2 Web Enterprises)
This is the most professional service we have been working with. Reliability, Ease of use in creating new accounts & very knowledgeable.

Ours.com is a division of AmeriConcepts Inc. We started Ours.com to
fill a need in the hosting industry back in 1995. At the time, there
were very few hosting providers and businesses were hungry to get
started using the power of the Internet to help their businesses prosper.
So Ours.com was born.

Since then we have been serving the industry with quality hosting, and excellent customer support. Our customers
have been satisfied customers and a large portion of the sites we host have been with us for over 7-8 years. This
shows the satisfaction we have been able to give these customers to keep them for such a long time.
We have been adding functionality to our offerings constantly. Besides regular webhosting,
we now offer you Video Streaming packages, eCommerce packages, and custom program
development and site designs. Soon we will be offering template designs for those that are
satisfied with non-exclusive designs.
We even do custom application development for your in-house programming needs, on-site
training, on-site consulting and much more. Please check our Services page More>>

Just for your information, when we want to do custom marketing and promotions we use
They make mousepads with our messages that stay in front of a
customer's eye for a long time. A very good promotion for a few dollars.

We are a team of Engineers, Programmers, Designers and Consultants that will help you achieve your Web Related
goals. We have created sites such as ManageListings.com which cater to the Real Estate industry, sites such as
Century 21, Golden Realty use the system in their websites. a premier Mousepad Manufacturing company, DirectPCBDesign A leading PC Board design company,
ADIDiamonds.com, MissionLiquor.com, AVStream.com to name a few.

We have consulted many companies and recommended systems and services to make their offerings stronger. We will
be at your service should you need any web-related service.
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